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Workshop Event Submission Fee details:

This $40USD administrative fee is required for EACH workshop you wish to publish on the MovNat website.

*Important NoteYou MUST be logged into your user account for proper processing of this Workshop Event submission fee.

Terms & Conditions

  • This fee covers a single workshop event posting on the MovNat Workshop event calendar, along with the associated student registration processing & payment processing.
  • This fee is NON-refundable & NON-transferrable.
  • The Workshop Leader agrees to run the workshop posted as advertised even if only one attendee is registered.
  • The Workshop Leader will be paid the agreed upon profit share per registered attendee (outlined here). For any registered, no-call, no-show attendees, the Workshop Leader will still be compensated at the same rate for the no-show attendee. 
  • Any event posting proposal that falls on the same day in the same city as a MovNat Certification event or MovNat Retreat event will NOT be approved or published.
  • Workshop dates proposed with less than 30 days notice will NOT be posted on
  • If the Workshop Leader submits an event that is above their Workshop Leader level, the event will not be approved and you will lose the processing fee.
  • If the Workshop Leader chooses to cancel a workshop, and there are zero registered attendees, the Workshop Leader incurs no additional associated fees. (Your event posting fee will NOT be refunded)
  • If the Workshop Leader chooses to cancel a workshop that has already been posted on, and there are ONE OR MORE registered attendees:
    • The Workshop Leader is responsible for refunding the full attendee(s) registration fee
    • The Workshop Leader is put on probation and is not eligible to post events on for a period of 6 months

By submitting this form & paying the $40USD fee, you agree to the terms & conditions above.

Scheduling your workshop events:

  • MovNat HQ is a small, hard-working team. We will do our very best to respond to all Workshop Leader applications within 2-3 business days, and to post all proposed workshops within 2 weeks of receiving the event submission. 
  • We recommend proposing workshops with at least 2-3 months notice, to allow adequate posting and promotion time.
  • We recommend proposing at least one workshop that falls 1-4 months prior to any upcoming MovNat certification event in your region, as some of your potential students may be interested in trying MovNat prior to attending a full MovNat certification.
  • Keep in mind ALL workshops have a registration deadline that ends 2 Days prior to the event start date. This will be noted on the event pages, but is helpful to remember for any communication with potential participants.