STRONG BY NATURE – A Natural Movement Fitness Retreat


STRONG BY NATURE – A Natural Movement Fitness Retreat. Playa Del Carmen Mexico.

Reconnect with your true nature.

Hey this is Erwan​​. If you are reading this, it is not just because you have heard of me or MovNat, but because you want to move more in your life.  And you want to learn how to move better. You want to improve yourself physically and mentally. Not just how you perform but how you feel and even how you look. I hear you. This is a healthy, natural calling and in fact it is the very reason why I have created and launched the MovNat method and popularized “Natural Movement”: to help you MOVE NATURALLY and reclaim your power, health and freedom in the process. I believe our true nature is to be strong, healthy, happy and free. Are you in?

Come learn the fundamentals of Natural Movement practice and lifestyle first-hand with me on the beach in Playa Del Carmen Mexico! This retreat is open to everyone regardless of background or fitness levels.


Look, I have trained thousands of people worldwide through the years: the completely out of shape, the yoga practitioner, the specialized athlete (runner, weightlifter, rock climber, swimmer etc), the elite athlete (including MMA interim UFC champion Carlos Condit) and the Special Operator (including the SEALS). What I have observed is that EVERYONE is challenged with basic natural movements when asked to perform them mindfully and efficiently. Yes, that includes elite athletes or military personnel being absolutely challenged by the exact SAME movements that challenge the “physically average” individual.

What this means is that even great levels of strength and conditioning are not the answer or a substitute for a lack of movement skills. EVERYONE can learn and benefit from the MovNat method and training. This is because we primarily challenge your movement skills and not your fitness level. It is a method based on progressions. Practice is never too easy nor too hard. You learn and IMPROVE with each and every mindful repetition of movement. Improving your movements is not just improving yourself physically, it is improving your nervous system, cognition and brain function. If you change how you move, you change. Literally. You’ll go back different.



This retreat will be an immersive movement experience. For several hours a day you will be in near constant physical motion. Each day I will lead the group through a series of movement progressions. We will start gently with ground movements and transitions, and then move on to balancing, jumping and running. Though I never follow an exact linear itinerary, all the techniques and movements listed below will be covered.

This is not a boot-camp. As I like to put it, “you don’t need to be fit to move, you need to move to become fit.” The goal is to LEARN to move better and get in shape in the process, not to get your ass kicked and learn nothing. My job and approach is to keep you as physically and mentally energetic as possible. I want you to learn but also assimilate what you have learned. And this is impossible if you are physically exhausted. While the majority of the movements are low-intensity, they demand a great deal of attention. The work will be as much mental as physical. Trust me, prolonged mindfulness can be quite a workout for the brain!

If for any reason you are physically unable to do a given movement, I will always suggest a different movement just for you so you can remain active and keep benefiting. There is no “peer pressure” or petty comparisons and competition in my workshops and you are never compelled to do anything you can’t. You are never compared to anybody. You are always commended for your efforts, even though I may gently sass you.

I will teach you not only how we move efficiently but also WHY we move. What is the big picture. I blend a lot of movement and life related philosophical insights in my teaching… and I crack jokes… which makes it very unique. Be prepared to IMMERSE yourself in movement for three days. Not only will it change how you move & how you think about movement. It will change how you think.


We will all meet the night before the retreat starts. We will have a short introductions and then I will give a brief talk about exactly what to expect during the retreat. Everyone will get a good night’s sleep and be ready to move on the first day. Each morning at 9am we will meet on the beach and practice for three hours. There will be a two hours lunch break before we resume at 2pm and practice movement until 5pm. Evenings are always free and an opportunity to connect beyond the training itself.

  • Discover fundamental movement efficiency principles that will renew your understanding of movement and immediately enhance your movements skills.
  • Master efficient breathing techniques to instantly boost your well-being, energy levels, focus and recovery.
  • Learn fundamental Natural Movement techniques that will transform your real-life movement performance and turn you into a skilled and confident mover.
  • Acquire a wide repertoire of movement variations and drills you can practice at home without equipment.
  • Learn the essential MovNat principles you need to start your own Natural Movement self-training anytime, anywhere and keep making progress after the retreat
  • Connect with like-minded people from around the world!


A scientific study conducted on elderly individuals showed that the ability to get down to the ground back up without the help of the arms was a predictor of significantly greater longevity. The main reason why we lose so much mobility and stability prematurely is simply because we rarely engage with the ground on a day to day basis. Ground movements and transitions from ground positions to standing are blatantly missing from our habitual movement behaviors, diminishing our functions. We become “stiffer” more clumsy and less comfortable when performing some of most basic movements we always took for granted. You will be shocked when you realize some of your own deficiencies in this area. And you’ll be happy to feel much looser in your whole body after these three days!

Techniques covered
-shoulder crawl
-hip thrust crawl
-lying front and back roll
-Knee-hand & Foot-hand crawl
-inverted crawl
-Tripod get-up
-Side bent sit get-up
-Deep knee bend get-up
-Single-leg squat get-up
-Deep squat get-up


These balancing techniques are very practical in themselves, but just like with every natural movement, their benefits extend beyond their tangible real-life usefulness. Of course, any movement involves balance and the ability to adjust one’s center of gravity over one’s points of support. But whereas we all possess a general sense of balance necessary for our day to day movements, balancing implies movement over narrow and/or unstable surfaces (not to worry, we will limit the practice to ground level or slightly above surfaces). This requires and develops fine motor-control and high levels of mindfulness. You become so focused that there is no room for thought and you enter a very clear, centered, focused, sharp, balanced mental state that feels like a meditation in motion… and brings the exact same benefits to you.

Techniques covered
-general technique & drills
-cross reverse
-pivot reverse
-split squat pivot reverse


Who has never dreamt of flying? Jumping implies a short airborne phase that feels like flying, briefly. Anybody can jump around like a jackass but jumping efficiently demands technique and lots of practice. Again this course starts from the ground up. We will hone our skills at “sand” level before we involve any kind of “environmental complexity.” This training makes you stronger and faster, more explosive, but also very precise and light in your movements.

Techniques covered
-neutral, two-steps, in-line landing
-leg-swing jump
-power jump
-split jump


Few people are runners, yet who hasn’t dreamt of running free? The reality is that to most, running and “suffering” sound like the exact same word. But running does not have to feel like a physically painful ordeal demanding impossible levels of strong will. Not at all. This workshop is composed of diverse specific drills, each drill supporting both the elimination of ingrained inefficiencies and the acquisition of a simple yet powerfully effective running form. Within a mere two hours and without having to run very fast or over a long distance, you will acquire efficient running form that will transform your whole running experience and make you ENJOY it!

Details & Logistics

We will meet at 5pm on Friday to chat and go over the details of the retreat. The meeting place will be the Canibal Royal Beach Club. Here is a google maps location.

The location of the actual training will be Punta Esmeralda. It isn’t far from the meeting place. Punta Esmeralda is removed from the main tourist spots in Playa Del Carmen. It’s mostly just a place locals go on the weekends. See you there.

Think with your whole body.
Move with your whole mind.


If you change how you move,
you change.






North America


Erwan Le Corre


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