Foundation Retreat



Natural Movement Foundation Retreat

In Yelapa, Mexico.
February 4,5,6th of 2016
6hours per day (5 hours of movement instruction and 1 hour of lifestyle lecture) split between morning and afternoon sessions. Open to 40 people.

$1190. $990 early bird.

Become a Natural Movement Hero!

Learn the fundamentals of Natural Movement practice and lifestyle first-hand with Erwan himself…on the beach!
This retreat is open to everyone. It will greatly emphasize basic yet challenging, mindful movements, particularly ground movement and get-ups with amazing benefits for overall mobility and stability. On top of the movement side, this year Erwan will extend his coaching to the lifestyle aspects of Natural Movement, sharing many insights about the art of high energy life. Don’t miss this special retreat with a world-renowned movement teacher!

About Erwan:

Erwan is the founder of world-renowned Natural Movement system MovNat, a fast-growing movement and fitness program. His work has been extensively covered by prominent media outlets including feature-length articles in Outside Mag, Men’s Health, and many others. Erwan has trained Navy Seals Special Forces and is currently training top-ranking MMA fighter and current UFC belt challenger Carlos Condit. He is also one of the main characters in New-York-Times best-seller author Christopher McDougall’s latest book “Natural Born Heroes.”






“Erwan, in fact, could be one of the best living examples of what our bodies were originally designed to do. “Versatility was absolutely the key to survival, because early humans had to be ready for anything at any time,” explains E. Paul Zehr, Ph.D, a neuroscience and kinesiology professor at the University of Victoria who examined human biomechanics potential in his book Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero.” – Christopher McDougall



Every session will first cover fundamental movement techniques and variations with a great emphasis on mindfulness, breath, position, stability, and relaxation. The movement skills covered involve crawling, kneeling, sitting, get-ups, walking, running, balancing and jumping. Each session will end with a short lifestyle lecture and Q&A


Erwan conducted a similar retreat last year in Mexico. You can read a detailed review of that retreat on Breaking Muscle.






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