E-Book: The Practice of Natural Movement – Addendum


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The Practice of Natural Movement – Addendum

This E-Book is an addendum to The Practice of Natural Movement written by MovNat Founder, Erwan Le Corre.

Before purchasing this Addendum, we recommend you get The Practice of Natural Movement by Erwan Le Corre. This e-book Addendum offers additional material that did not make it into the final version of the book due to publishing constraints.
The Practice of Natural Movement by Erwan Le Corre can be purchased here.

The Addendum serves as an excellent addition that expands on the concepts, skills, and insights contained in the full book.


What you get in The Practice of Natural Movement – Addendum E-Book:

  • 163 Pages of additional material including explanations of Capacity Training, Natural Movement® Benchmarks, and specific movement breakdowns that were not included in the book.
  • Precise page locations where the sections of the Addendum fit into the PONM book.
  • NEW variations of Natural Movement® skills including rolling, crawling, climbing, balancing, jumping, lifting, carrying, and MORE.
  • Notes and tips about movement efficiency, technique, and safety to properly perform the covered skills.
  • Additional drills, progressions, and transitions expanding on the content of the PONM book.


A Message from our Founder about this Addendum:

“In these pages to follow, you’ll find ample instructions for dozens of natural movements along with additional material on Capacity Training and Benchmarks, among other topics.

My hope is that you will work through the chapters, practice the movements, and soak up the lessons I’ve spent a lifetime learning.

My team and I are so humbled that our work has impacted so many lives, and we are grateful for your support as we endeavor to shape the future.”

– Erwan Le Corre


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