By Rob Dubois

Since my military retirement almost 20 years ago, I’ve been training and coaching clients on the importance of tending to all four essential parts of a healthy human: Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul (physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual/ethical).
When I discovered MovNat some years ago, I was immediately blown away by how naturally and organically this “physical fitness” program addresses the same holistic human concept, developing practitioners in ways far exceeding the typical fit-mind-and-body limitations of many other popular approaches. I immediately set out to become a Level 2 MovNat Instructor. Natural Movement is foundational to both immediate and lifelong physical capacity.

“Move it or lose it,” they say – but it’s also true that not all movements are created equal. Take it from a career SEAL!

In the Teams, we sometimes used more aggression than common sense when doing conditioning. Now, in my late 50s, my body is a walking museum of old training and operations injuries.

But when I practice my MovNat skills, I experience no new damage, and in fact I get relief from the old pains!

One interesting anecdote I’ll share on the question of SEALs and MovNat is a workshop, I helped present between founder Erwan LeCorre and the SEAL Team at Pearl Harbor a while back. Despite being some of the fittest people on the planet, the men on the Team were challenged on some movements because of MovNat’s emphasis on movement technical efficiency.

After years of perfecting a small set of precise tactical movements, even a SEAL can struggle to do what otherwise “comes naturally!”

Best of all, MovNat can be mastered by anyone with a body. On the principal of crawl–walk–run, the techniques are taught in commonsense ways from initial fundamentals all the way up through Level 3 Instructor competencies…which is my next personal goal!

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