1. How do I renew my MovNat Certified Trainer status?

To stay current, you must enroll in the online recertification program or register for the next level certification before your certification expires. These do not have to be completed before expiration, just enrolled in. We do have a limited number of Teaching Assistant positions available for those who’d like to recertify by helping at a certification event. You must complete the online application and submit movement videos for consideration for this program. (Note: There are a limited number of these spaces, so you may need to make alternate plans for renewal.) If you do not choose one of the above options before your certification expires, you will have to take the certification course over again in order to regain current status as a MCT.

2. I have an injury that may prevent me from recertifying. What should I do?

Sign up for the Online Recertification program and our Team Instructors can work with you around your injury to renew your certification.

3. If I am L1 and L2 certified, do I have to renew both certifications?

No. Because MovNat is progressive system, revalidating at the highest level certification you hold will automatically renew the previous level certifications. The Online Recertification will cover whichever Levels you need to recertify.

4. My Level 1 is expired, but my Level 2 is still valid, do I still need to recert?

No. Your level 2 certification supercedes the Level 1 certification. You will be current as long as your Level 2 certification is valid.

5. There’s no expiration date on my certificate. How do I know how long it is valid for?

Level 1 & 2 certifications are valid for a term of 2 years.

6. I didn’t know my certification could expire. Why do I have to recertify?

It is in the Training Manual that certifications are valid for a term of 2 years. We have implemented the recertification process as a way to make sure that all of our MCTs have the best and latest tools and skills for teaching MovNat to their clients & communities, no matter when they first got certified.

7. When I log in to my account, I can no longer access the Training Manual and videos. Why?

If you cannot longer access these resources, it is probably because your certification has expired. If you believe this to be a mistake, please email [email protected]

8. The links I was sent when I signed up for my certification to the Manual and videos no longer work. How do I access these?

Please log in to your account at MovNat.com and look under My Certifications. The blue hyperlink text will take you to the Resources page for that level.

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