MovNat Founder Erwan Le Corre and Performance Director Danny Clark talk with the guys at Art of Manliness about MovNat, where it came from, and how it can help you be strong, free, and helpful.



Show Highlights
  • The inspiration behind MovNat
  • Georges Herbert and The Natural Method
  • Why you should be strong to be useful
  • The philosophy behind MovNat
  • How MovNat can reconnect you with nature
  • How physical fitness got off track in the 20th century
  • The difference between looking fit and being fit
  • The specific skills of MovNat
  • Making physical fitness a constant rite of passage
  • How MovNat can help you with your fitness speciality
  • Why you need a 2×4 in your living room
  • How MovNat gets more and more complex as you advance
  • Why MovNat is the martial arts of movement
  • How to get started with MovNat