By Danny Clark



Evidenced by nearly a million views, Erwan Le Corre captured something special in his iconic Youtube video “The Workout the World Forgot.” Whether it was his rugged display of physical prowess, the beautiful fluidity of his movements, or the video’s overall Thoreauvian spirit of freedom found in nature, the concept of Natural Movement has clearly resonated with many. But, establishing MovNat as a structured training modality for achieving higher states of health and fitness is an ongoing evolution.

Evolving the Method

While the spirit of Natural Movement lies in nature, it’s our job as a physical education organization to teach people how to reclaim their ability to move naturally within an effective, efficient, and communicable teaching framework. Which means our method must become understood to be more sophisticated than simply stripping your soles and stepping outside. Because if our method isn’t equally as effective for a hormone driven millennial as it is for a lifestyle driven baby boomer, it isn’t much of a “method” at all. Hence the need for benchmarks: a vital component of any systematic approach, which encourages incremental progression and level-appropriate practices.

Why Benchmark?

Two reasons: organization and direction. Let’s face it…MovNat is a vast system, with seemingly endless iterations upon variations. It’s easy to lose focus and get lost. The most difficult task for many new Movnatters is simply knowing where to start and what to work toward. By breaking down the system into balanced, bite-sized pieces we make the leap into MovNat more palatable and less intimidating. Multi-level performance benchmarks offer an incremental path toward not only achieving Natural Movement mastery, but also developing the strength and conditioning required for high level movements in a more progressive, safer fashion.

Check them out here —-> Performance Benchmarks

Performance for Everyone

At MovNat, we believe in the development of a balanced, unspecialized movement skill set which naturally lends itself to an equally balanced fitness level. While benchmarks offer some direction and a meaningful gauge of progress, the cutting edge “-Natural Movement ®- Performance for Everyone” programming designed to achieve them most efficiently is reserved for our Licensed Facilities. For an authentic MovNat method experience and crystalline clarity in progressing through the MovNat system effectively and efficiently, be sure to find your way through the door of one of these forward thinking facilities.

The end goal is freedom, no matter how you define it. The path is MovNat.

By Danny Clark, Performance Director


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