Brian “Rock” Hancock

Team Instructor

Rock has worked in various wellness and fitness roles including healthcare, the military and corporate industries. Rock enjoys working with individuals and groups in achieving their wellness goals. Rock is deeply committed to helping individuals utilize strength training along with play to move through life’s obstacles and past traumas. 

Rock is a husband and father to two young boys. They love the natural movement lifestyle so much they sold their house in Wisconsin and will be living on the road for 1 year (September 2023-September 2024). You can follow their journey on YouTube (linked below).

Rock is the Creator of the “Move with your Cycle” program, which is A 3 month guided program combining Natural Movement and the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle. He will be holding Movnat Specialty Workshops on Women’s Health in various cities across the USA in 2024. Stay tuned!


  • BS Kinesiology w/ concentration in Exercise Science
  • MovNat Level 2 Trainer & MovNat Team Instructor
  • Trauma Informed Weightlifting Credential
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist


Connect with Rock

Instagram: @strengh_play_nature and @rewild.the.masculine

YouTube: @thesetigersgowild

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Overcoming Obstacles & Finding Purpose with Natural Movement