MovNat Online Coaching

MovNat Online Coaching provides high-touch, personalized online coaching from certified coaches and unsurpassed customer service. This includes:



Individualized programming through a convenient, user-friendly app (FitBot)



Regular video-conference calls with your coach



Video breakdown and rapid feedback for every practice session from your coach

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Individualized programming delivered through a convenient, user-friendly app (FitBot) that you can use right on your phone
  • Regular video-conference calls with your coach
  • Video breakdown of every single workout from your coach, and a rapid turnaround time so that you always have feedback before your next training session
  • Access to an amazing community of all MNOC clients and coaches in our private Facebook Group, where you can ask questions, discuss training, programming, and nutrition, and receive encouragement and support from others in the MNOC family

The easiest and simplest way to read about the inner workings of MNOC, is to read our Launch article here.

Very simply, MNOC provides several services that are not provided by any other online coaching service. The first, is that we are the only service to offer ONLY MovNat Certified Trainers that are Level 3 certified. We also offer video breakdown of your movement patterns every single workout.

Upon registration and payment, you will receive a detailed questionnaire regarding individual goals, training history, past injuries, etc. You will also receive a “Getting Started” document with step-by-step guides to help:

  • Access and login to FitBot
  • Get connected with your coach and the MNOC community in our private Facebook Group
  • Start training with videos on how to perform the movements correctly, how to video yourself, and how to upload those videos for your coach’s review
  • Answer any questions you have with our detailed FAQs

After submitting your questionnaire, you will be paired with a MovNat Certified Coach based on demographic, personality, client needs, and coach availability. We take your coach assignment very seriously and will endeavor to select the best coach for you. You will then perform a diagnostic, “test,” practice session that will give you and your coach a baseline to work from. Upon completion of this practice session (and technique review), your coach will begin doing all of your programming, online coaching, and video breakdowns.

Upon sign up and completion of your questionnaire, you will be assigned to the MovNat Certified Coach that best aligns with your goals.

Pricing Questions

Pricing for MovNat Online Coaching is $279 for the first month, and $179 each month after that. The additional $100 in the first month covers all your setup, getting you assigned to your coach, setting you up on FitBot, the private Facebook Group, walking you through any questions you have, and taking you through your first test workout. You will always be charged on the same day each month, so if you signed up and paid $279 on the 5th of the month, then you will not be charged again ($179) until the 5th of the following month.

MNOC requires a three-month minimum commitment, because we know it takes that long to really get in the groove of training and make some long-lasting notable changes in your body. After that first three months, we continue to have a very low attrition rate, because the results speak for themselves. Because of this, you will continue to pay $179/mo on the same day each month until you formally cancel in writing.

If you need to cancel your membership to MNOC, you must do so in writing, by sending an email to at least seven days in advance of your next auto-pay.

Because the amount of individual attention we provide each client does not change when additional family members join our service, then we do not offer an additional discount for them. The same applies to police/fire/military, seniors, and college students. We have worked hard to keep our overhead low, so that we can pass on a great rate to everyone, and believe that $179/mo is an absolute STEAL for the services provided, by the best coaches on the planet.

Technology Questions

Any smartphone with internet access will allow you the technology needed to work with MNOC. This means ANY android or iPhone will work just fine, as long as it has a working video camera and internet access.

Additionally, you may find that using a computer (desktop or laptop) or a tablet (like an iPad) will add to your overall enjoyment of the service, though these are not necessary.

FitBot is a 3rd party software formulated as an easy-to-use web app that we use for all your programming needs. Fitbot literally has virtually no learning curve at all – its that simple and easy to use. FitBot sends you emails each day you train with the specifics of your workout. But you can also open the web app at any time on your phone and see all of the details of your workouts for that entire week.

Additionally, when you train, you enter your feedback during your practice session directly on your phone into the FitBot app so that your coach can see how the session went. (For example if you were programmed to “Balancing Side Shuffle for 3×8ft,” you might write “Completed all 3 sets at prescribed weight. 3rd set was quite difficult. Had a hard time staying in the deep squat.”) You can also communicate with your coach directly on FitBot about anything program related. For example, “Hey coach! I normally train MWF, but this week I’ll be training on TRS.”

FitBot also allows you to upload your videos, track macros, and keep assessments and benchmarks like waist (or other body) measurements, PRs, etc.

We use a private Facebook Group that is only accessible to our coaches and clients. In our Facebook Group, you have the opportunity to ask questions of any of the other coaches (and clients) from MNOC. It is a great way to foster the MNOC Community as we interact with each other and have great discussions on movement, training, programming, nutrition, injuries, setting up in-person training sessions with each other, etc.

The most important thing is that we are able see your entire body, from your feet to the top of your head. All videos should be taken in landscape mode (wide) and not in portrait mode (tall).

Place your phone 2-3 feet off the ground (on a box or bench, etc) about 10+ feet away and angle it toward you. If you don’t have a tripod, you can lean it against something like a kettlebell or water bottle.

The best angle is at 45-degrees between the front/side or rear/side (see below for best placement for each lift).

Get Ups: front/side
Crawling: side/front
Balancing: front/side
Lifting: front/side
Jumping: front/side

Upload your videos to FitBot directly from your phone. Your coach will automatically get a notification that you’ve uploaded them so that they can respond. Remember to trim your video, so it doesn’t show 2 min of you setting up the camera, positioning yourself for the movement, etc.

Directions on how to trim and easily upload your videos directly from your phone can be found here. sure to title your video with the date, movement, sequence, weight (if applicable), and which set it is.

The primary way you’ll communicate with your coach is through the FitBot (if it is a programming or form issue), via email if it is an emergency and needs faster attention, and via the private Facebook Group if it’s a discussion question that may benefit the entire community.

We also schedule video conference calls with our clients every couple of months so that you can get some FaceTime with your coach to cover any “in-person” questions you might have about your goals, programming, nagging injuries, etc.

Equipment Questions

The basic equipment needs to join MNOC are:

  • An assortment of Kettlebells and/or Medballs – 12kg (~25lbs.), 16kg (~35lbs.), 20kg (~45lbs.) are recommended starter weights for men; 8kg (~18lbs.), 12kg (~25lbs.), 16kg (~35lbs.), for women. Smaller starting weights may be advised for seniors.
  • A 2×4’’ wooden beam (under $5 at any local lumber supply store)
  • Something to hang on indoors. A narrow 1’’ bar is usually the most beginner friendly option. A “Perfect Pullup” is an easy solution to hang in most doorframes.
  • An assortment of sandbags is recommended for variety, but not required to get started.

What if I’m preparing for a MovNat certification or am already MovNat certified?

Absolutely. Everyone can benefit from having a coach. Many MCTs want to continue refining their technique while adopting a new format of training. Our experienced coaches will help you continue the process of learning, improving, and fully ingraining MovNat into your lifestyle..

Yes. All of our coaches have undergone all 3 levels of certification, so they can help you prepare for any level MovNat certification.

Physical Limitation Questions

Absolutely! As long as you have access to the basic equipment listed above (either at your home gym or a public gym) then you’ll do just fine with MNOC. Our coaches are excellent teachers and very patient, so we know it will take some time to get used to the movements. We won’t throw you into a rigorous or high level practice session on day one. We’ll walk you through the learning progression at your own pace.

We actually get this question quite often. Usually you can put the phone/camera in a door way and capture everything we need to see. However, if the room is still too small, one excellent cheap option is to purchase this fisheye lens for your camera.

Absolutely. We understand the difference between “optimal” and “realistic.” Some people cannot perform certain movements – sometimes even simple sitting or kneeling positions – because of old injuries or a lack of movement for a long period of time. We are able to work around your physical limitation to optimize your progress and results. We also have a faculty of therapists and healthcare providers to consult with, and in certain cases will set you up with of of those coaches if you have some physical limitations that will require a little extra help to work around.

Yes you can. Again, there is a difference between optimal and realistic. We have coaches who specialize in working with traveling executives (or people with really strange schedules like fire-fighters or doctors who might work 72 hours on shift, followed by 96 hours off-shift). There’s no reason you can’t start moving better and become more capable because of a difficult work schedule.

You may join MNOC under the following condition:
1) You must have a parent/guardian sign you up and give parental legal consent.

Of course! We love helping Seniors and even have coaches who specialize in your demographic! You still must have access to all the basic equipment needs, and on a very basic level, must be able to sit down and stand up out of a dining room chair without using your arms/hands to help. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask by emailing us at