Develop Climbing strength, skills & versatility through MovNat. 

MovNat Climbing Flows

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Use MovNat training to enhance your Climbing

“MovNat broadened what my body was capable of by providing awareness of improvements I needed to make that I wasn’t conscious of. Through MovNat I discovered new ways to refine balance, coordination, core strength and functional mobility.” — Sam Tucker, Professional Climber

Climbing is one of the most enjoyable and challenging Natural Movement skills, and is one of the most rewarding athletic endeavors to master.

Climbers are known to become extremely specialized at their sport. By incorporating additional fitness practices, such as MovNat, into their training, climbers can enhance their specific skills while supporting a well-balanced, resilient body.

MovNat is a system of training real-world physical capability. This means we teach you how to move efficiently through various environments with confidence, while reducing the risk of injury.

MovNat​ addresses fundamental aspects of fitness that support human performance across a number of sports and disciplines. Below is a list of concepts built into MovNat training that can help climbers elevate their practice:

  • Breathing: Efficient breathing improves your ability to maintain composure in stressful & fearful situations, like you might encounter when attempting a challenging new climbing route.
  • Ground Movement: Mobility and stability are developed on the ground. Crawling, for instance, improves shoulder stabilization. This protects the shoulder and elbow joints that are commonly prone to overuse injuries from climbing.
  • Balancing: Balancing improves posture and vestibular functions, and enhances body awareness and the development of energy-efficient movements.
  • Jumping-Landing: Landing and falling techniques can increase your safety and decrease your fear of heights.
  • Throwing and Catching: Learn how to react to fast changing situations, prepare for complex hand-eye-coordination and improve reflexes.
  • Lifting and Carrying: Building strength improves physical endurance and teaches you how to handle your center of gravity under load.

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The MovNat system trains physical competence for practical performance. Regardless of your sport and training regimen, every athlete needs to practice the full range of natural human movement skills to improve their performance, and develop a balanced, injury-free body.

The practice of natural human movements creates a large repertoire of abilities that allow us to adapt to any situation.

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