Note: This post is an update to our official response to the COVID-19 pandemic along with the original MovNat Event health and safety protocols we established in March.

As different parts of the world continue to reopen after various lockdowns and stay-at-home orders are lifted, we are eager to continue offering in-person events when official guidelines indicate it is safe to do so. While we are grateful to have been able to run several live events since late May, we understand the pandemic is an evolving situation. So, in order to maintain the health, safety, and confidence of our community, here are some proposed guidelines for all in-person events sponsored by MovNat going forward until such a time that HQ releases a statement that these are no longer needed.

  1. Staying true to our nature, we encourage all events to take place outdoors as much as possible. It’s widely agreed upon that outdoor spaces are much safer, with significantly lowered risk for COVID transmission. Participants are and will be encouraged to bring with them any extra gear they think they will need (within reason) to learn and perform in an outdoor environment; such as rain jackets/pants, bug spray, sunscreen, dry change of clothes, etc. Instructors are empowered to make their best decisions with regards to safety in irregular environments or inclement weather situations.
  2. Instructors/host facilities will provide hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes for participants to use during the event. (Instructors can include this expense on their reimbursement forms). When indoors or with bathroom facilities, instructors will provide and include regular breaks for hand washing. Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes are to be used primarily between participant contact with surfaces: climbing bars, medicine balls, 2x4s, etc. Each participant should sanitize their hands before touching a shared surface or object and the surface or object should be regularly sanitized with disinfecting wipes.
  3. All participants are encouraged to bring a mask to have available to use should a situation arise where 6 feet (i.e. 2 meters) of distance cannot be maintained indoors.
  4. Participants and instructors are encouraged to monitor themselves for any signs of illness 2 weeks prior to their event (suggestion: take your temperature daily). Restricting your activities that could provide potential exposure within this 2 weeks is also encouraged. Please remember that your personal risk might be low, but there may be others attending your event with higher risk. We care about the health & safety of ALL of our community.
  5. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND ANY EVENT if you have a fever, feel ill or know you have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive patient in the proceeding two weeks. If you cannot attend your event due to illness or confirmed exposure, you will be able to postpone your attendance to a future event when you are recovered. If you attend an event with obvious signs of flu-like illness, we reserve the right, and our instructors as representatives of MovNat, LLC, to ask you to leave immediately. In this event, no refund will be provided, and it will be up to our discretion to honor a transfer to another event.

Thank you for your understanding as we work through this ongoing situation. Please be assured we will continue to closely monitor future developments and will follow up if additional measures must be taken.

-The MovNat Team

P.S. Ready to attend a live event? Find a MovNat course near you. Still staying in? Check out our COVID-19 Survival Guide for some great resources to get started at home.