By Nathan Amado, MovNat Master Trainer

The beauty of a MovNat Combo Workout is you’re able to get a lot of work done in a short period of time. Not only will you get a great workout to help you burn fat, build muscle, and improve your overall fitness, you’ll also get a chance to improve your movement skills in a short practice session.

MovNat combos can be practiced anytime you have a few minutes for a quick workout – making them a great option for when you’re busy. Or, you can incorporate one into a complete MovNat practice session, which includes a warmup, skills emphasis, combo, and cooldown.

While the beach is the perfect environment to perform the following MovNat Combo Workout, all you really need is some space to move around and a small object or two to throw (e.g. rock, ball, etc.).

Below, you’ll find instructions to increase or decrease the difficulty of this MovNat Combo to find the “sweet spot” for your own skill and fitness level.

beginner combo

Repeat 3-5x:

  1. Tripod Get Up & Down to Long Sit – 3x each side
  2. Foot Hand Crawl ~10m
  3. Single Arm Throw – small/light object – 2x each side
  4. Run ~50m – along water, if available.

Cooldown: Barefoot walk on the beach, at the park, or wherever you are, and collect as much plastic trash as you can. You’d be surprised at how much you can fit in two hands.

Note: if some of these movements are too difficult, you can practice your Hip Hinge and/or Stepping Under instead of the Tripod Get Up. Also, the Knee Hand Crawl is more accessible than the Foot Hand Crawl. Finally, instead of running, you can walk briskly or trot slowly.

intermediate progressions

Here are some suggestions for increasing the challenge based on MovNat’s VIC protocol (Volume, Intensity, Complexity).

Tripod Get Up/Down to Long Sit

  • Volume – do more (6-8x each).
  • Intensity – do them faster/slower.
  • Complexity – do them in the water.

Foot Hand Crawl

  • Volume – crawl farther (20-30m).
  • Intensity – crawl faster/slower.
  • Complexity – add 4 forward rolls.

Single Arm Throw

  • Volume – throw more (4-6x each).
  • Intensity – throw slightly bigger/heavier object.
  • Complexity – throw at target (circle in sand)


  • Volume – run farther (100-150m).
  • Intensity – run faster.
  • Complexity – run into/out of water.

Note: Want to increase the challenge even more? Do your Get Ups while carrying a load on one shoulder. Push or drag an object while you’re crawling. And don’t just run – sprint!

Remember, no matter what level you’re training at, make sure you don’t sacrifice your movement efficiency. It’s tempting to train faster or let your technique deteriorate to do more work, but this is unwise. Maintain your movement efficiency at all times because quality movement matters.

About the Author

Nathan “Natural Nate” Amado is the Founder and Prime Mover of Original Human Movement. He helps health conscious humans unlock their bodies so they can step boldly into any adventure and live life pain free.

He’s a MovNat Master Trainer and Online Coach, a Primal Health Coach, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt and Coach, and a Scout of The Human Path.

He also integrates what he’s learned from years of studying Art Du Déplacement/Parkour, the Wim Hof Method, Gracie Combatives, Invisible/Hidden Jiu Jitsu, various Martial Arts, Nutritious Movement, EveryBody Biomechanics, Meditation, and much more.

His motto: “You’re a human, move like one!”

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