Almost ten year later, these insights that were shared at NASA are still way ahead of their time.

Any astronaut will tell you that floating around in zero gravity for extended periods of time has serious consequences for the human body. Rapid deterioration of health, and in particular, loss of muscle mass and bone mineral density occur, despite the best efforts of crew members to exercise in outer space. That’s why NASA goes to great lengths to optimize the health, fitness, and functionality of their astronauts.

So, in 2010, MovNat Founder, Erwan Le Corre, was invited to present to a panel of NASA scientists, where he introduced an evolutionary perspective on training. His hypothesis is that a healthy lifestyle that includes Natural Movement could help astronauts to better cope with long duration space flights by making them both physically and physiologically more resilient.  It’s amazing just how relevant this topic still is today, almost ten years later.

Here is a video with some of the highlights from Erwan’s presentation at NASA.

MovNat has grown exponentially since this presentation in 2010. But our core message hasn’t changed in the slightest because we believe and stand on timeless principles and values.

We’re educators first. So, we don’t jump on the latest bandwagon. Instead, we’re changing an industry by helping our students experience the amazing benefits of a natural movement and fitness practice.

We hope you’ll join us in this effort to radically transform our culture, and ultimately, shape the world – one person at a time.


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