We are bombarded by information. Aren’t we?

By Erwan le Corre, MovNat Founder

Well, not exactly. We are letting ourselves get bombarded by a diversity of inputs and stimuli so high that staying mentally “centered” obviously becomes a challenge. Yes, everything around us seems to be screaming for our attention. What do we exactly choose to pay attention to? How do we spend our attention? What attracts us? What has value to us?


There is a plethora of fitness programs out there. Thousands of them. Why are you interested in MovNat at all?

Maybe it is because Natural Movement practice makes sense to you from the perspective of a healthy lifestyle. Maybe because you like stimulate your body and mind with new challenges. Maybe because you want to become more energetic while having fun in the process. But in some ways, you could get some of those same benefits thanks to a different method or program.

Maybe you can tell that we are principled. Principled not just as a company, or as a community, but as an approach to physical practice and discipline. MovNat has never used the typical strategies nor the latest trends to advertise itself. We have never had to use a strategy to advertise ourselves except one: being ourselves. When you are yourself, clarity flows and keeping one’s center is easy. Being ourselves has always relied on never departing from our principles, starting with integrity.

Back in 2009, we started to teach MovNat with at heart the passion to educate people in real-life physical capability. This is what we do now in 2017 and this is what we will still be doing in 2025 and so on. Who can claim they have received such education as a child, in school, or in a complete manner? Why is it that so many first responders, athletes, Special Forces even have learned to improve their movement dramatically through our method? This goes way beyond the usual, usually superficial goals propagated by the whole fitness industry.
We are teachers, educators, not just trainers. We are the “martial art” of real-life movement competency. This is what people come learn and train with us, to equip themselves with the skills, strength and conditioning required to perform in the real-world. This is the core of what we do, the foundational principle of our method. Of course, many other beautiful benefits can be found in the process, boosted self-confidence and self-esteem, the reduction or disappearance of day to day aches we had accustomed ourselves to, formidable levels of energy, greater productivity at work, creativity, mindfulness, FUN and so on.

A wise speaker once said:

“As to methods, there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.”

– Harrington Emerson

Again, there are so many programs trying to draw your attention that one gets easily confused as of where to spend our precious, valuable attention, energy, time and resources. MovNat doesn’t need to make noise to draw attention. In fact, we make the noise from the surrounding agitation of thousands of existing fitness options diminish and ultimately disappear. This is because we are principled. We are the method for the core principle of real-life practical ability and performance. Once you too embrace the principle of physical capability for the real-world, other goals that seemed once attractive or even priority become at best secondary, if not totally irrelevant. When do you start?

– Erwan