“Master Instructor” is a special credential in our community. It’s a rare designation that honors our most dedicated, driven, and experienced Team Instructors (i.e., a teacher of teachers).

The criteria for earning this honor is based on the following:

  • Experience teaching as a Team Instructor for MovNat
  • Contributions to the advancement and refinement of the curriculum
  • Student feedback on quality of instruction and breadth of knowledge
  • Advancement of the method to new areas, and the deepening of relationships in existing areas
  • General enthusiasm for teaching and integrating the practice into an exemplary lifestyle

The MovNat Team is proud to honor Jerome Rattoni, an expert teacher of teachers, a compassionate mentor, an exemplary student of the practice & tradition of Natural Movement, and a genuinely amazing human being.

Here are some words from Jerome, upon receiving his honorary certificate at the 2019 Level 3 Certification in Vienna, Austria:

Being the 4th MovNat Master Instructor (after Erwan Le Corre, Vic Verdier, and Danny Clark) since MovNat was created is a huge honor for me.

From the time I discovered this Natural Movement method back in 2011 until today, my passion and drive to learn/share it with the people around me has not changed one bit.

I remember collecting all the press clips I could find about Erwan’s interviews. I remember printing them all out and reading them on my bus rides to/from work as a motivation.

The motivation, or rather the Vision was to live a happy, healthy, strong and free life.

The Vision that we must empower ourselves because nobody else will.

I kept learning, practicing, saving money to attend the different Trainer Certification Levels. And in the process, I got to know so many brilliant people who, for most of them, are now an active part of the MovNat community or even part of the Certification Team.

I always made a point, in all those years, of fitting my MovNat training into my sedentary business/family man lifestyle, because I wanted to showcase that MovNat is not only another “fitness program” that fades away quick, but also a lifestyle we can all embrace by getting back the fundamentals of sitting on the ground, crawling, balancing, climbing, jumping and all the other movement skills we have lost for countless yet pointless reasons.

This is beautiful to see how our community is growing, the impact of Erwan’s book on so many lives, the paradigm shift that we are witnessing with our program now considered as a true reference in the world of health and fitness.

For me, receiving this MovNat Master Instructor title means the recognition from my peers that, during all those years, I represented well our values and consistently put in the work to spread them to the wider audience.

It proves to me once again that the most important qualities in life are loyalty and respect.

At first, I just wanted to be like Erwan. I still look up to him, but also to Vic who taught me a lot in so many aspects, and also to Danny who’s definitely the person MovNat needs now and in the future to help many people all around the world. Three powerful characters who I admire a lot.

But I understood one thing after growing into my MovNat journey, I just want to be the best “me” I can be. I want to keep living this enriched life of coaching this beautiful program with so many people from so many different cultures, feeding off their smiles, efforts, kindness and pure energy.

And by being “me”, I am confident I will be at my best to give back, to help others realize their own dreams.

I’m not going anywhere, I’m with you along the way and I do thank all of you for being part of this amazing journey which is “exploring our true nature”.

-Jerome Rattoni, MovNat Master Instructor and Certification Team Instructor