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MovNat Adaptive Practice Sessions: Week of May 11, 2020

Session 1

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Prep : Walking Split Squat : 2 Sets : 10x : Bodyweight Only : Rest 45sec-1min

Split Squat : 3 Sets : 8x/side : Rest 1-2min


Balance Split Squat : 2-3 Sets : 3m forward or 8-12 steps : Rest 2min : for more challenge perform a loaded variation using *Single Hand Carry or Front Carry or *Shoulder Carry

*alternate sides often

Combo: 3-5 Rounds

Session 2

Warm Up: 2 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Please read carefully so you know where to start. The skills are listed in a progressive manner. If you are unable to perform the pull ups or the listed progressions, perform a Side Hang for as long as you can for the same recommended sets and rest periods.

Pull Up : 3 Sets : 5-8x : Rest 2min : If you are already proficient at pull ups move on to the next progression.

Pull Up to Forearm Hang : 2+ Sets : 1-3x/side : progress to next section for progression.

Forearm Swing Up : 3-5 Sets : 1-3x/side : choose to come down after each rep for brief rest or challenge yourself by staying on the bar and/or returning to side hang each time.

Pull Up Reach : 3 Sets : 4-6x alternating : rest 2min : If you are comfortable with this movement, start with this skill and work backwards completing each section as individual sets or mix up the skills in any order you choose.

Combo: 3-5 Rounds

Session 3

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Prep with this Jump Landing Sequence drill : 3 Sets : 5x : Rest 30-45sec

Complete 3-5 Sets of the following Jumping Sequence. Rest 2-3min

Leg Swing Jump : 6x alternating sides : target landing optional : various distances

Upward Jump + Downward Jump : 5x : knee height or higher : target optional for downward jump

Forward Jump : 5x : target landing optional : distance of 3-6 of your own foot lengths, heel to toe.
Double Forward Jump : 5x : optional second landing to target : same distance

Combo: 3-5 Rounds

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