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MovNat Adaptive Practice Sessions: Week of February 1, 2021

Session 1

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Option 1:

Side Hang to Leg Hook : 3-5 Sets : 4-8x alternating : Rest 2-3min

Option to perform Hanging Side Foot Lift : 4-8x alternating or Side Swing : 10x

Option 2:

Front Hang to Foot Pinch : 3-5 Sets : 5x : Rest 2-3min : Alternate hand position often

Option to perform Front Hang Scap Pull : 5-8x : hold last rep as long as possible : lift knees or feet for more challenge

More advanced practitioners may add any of the following skills once mounted on the bar at any moment during the sets. Adjust reps accordingly.

Sliding Swing Up : 1-5x/side
Forearm Swing Up : 1-5x/side
Hand Swing Up : 1-5x/side

Combo: 3-5 Rounds 

Session 2

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Prep with this Jump Landing Sequence drill : 3 Sets : 5x : Rest 30-45sec

3-5 Sets : Rest 2-3min

Upward Jump + Downward Jump : 6x : knee height or higher : target optional for downward jump

Option to try these balance landings within the sets or for further skill practice either before or after.

Split Balance Landing

Balance Landing

Combo: 3-5 Rounds

Session 3

Warm Up: 2-3 Rounds : Hold Position for 1-2 Breaths


Balanced Foot Hand Crawl : 3-8 Sets : 3-6m : Rest 1-3min

Crawl Conditioning : 3-5 Sets : Transition through a mix of any of the listed prone crawls for time : Rest same amount of time as you crawled and adjust if needed : you may touch your knees down for a brief rest only ONCE per round

Foot Hand Crawl *watch this great MNOC coach tutorial

Foot Elbow Crawl

Push Pull Crawl (watch this tutorial)

Beginner – 30sec-1min
Intermediate – 1-2min
Advanced – 2+min

Combo: 3-5 Rounds 

Special Bonus Mobility Session: 20-30min

Go through the entire sequence or portions of the sequence as often as you’d like.

Instructions: Explore various laying, sitting, kneeling, and squatting positions and transitions. Use your hands where needed and pay attention to posture, breathing, and management of tension.

Make modifications or stop if you experience any discomfort in a given position. Do more or less repetitions of any transition depending on how it feels. Some areas will take longer than others to feel “natural” but in time your progress through dedicated practice will show.

Supine Lying – Diaphragmatic Breathing – 2min

Bent Sit – Diaphragmatic Breathing – 30sec

Side Bent Sit – Diaphragmatic Breathing – 30sec/side

Kneel – Diaphragmatic Breathing – 30sec

Flexed Foot Kneel – Diaphragmatic Breathing – 30sec

Watch Kneel and Flexed Foot Kneel – “How To” with Erwan

Deep Knee Bend – Diaphragmatic Breathing – 10sec

Figure Four Sit – Diaphragmatic Breathing – 10sec/side

Deep Half Kneel – Diaphragmatic Breathing – 10sec/side

Extended Half Kneel – Diaphragmatic Breathing – 20sec/side

Cross Sit – Diaphragmatic Breathing – 15sec/side

Deep Squat – Diaphragmatic Breathing – 30sec

Prone Lying – Diaphragmatic Breathing – 2-5min

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