By Danny Clark, MovNat Master Instructor and Performance Director

Last year, Erwan traveled to the picturesque town of Rochester, Vermont to teach a very special event. It was called “Immersion,” and served as a throwback to MovNat’s origins. You see, MovNat didn’t launch as a certifying education system or a gym-based workshop. That was a later evolution. It started as a camping-style retreat deep in the woods of West Virginia, designed by its founder to “reawaken” your instinct to move; to let nature be your greatest teacher and sharpening stone.

And last year, we rekindled that spirit through 3 days of moving with diverse people through diverse terrain in the heart of the Green Mountains of Vermont. It was a beautiful experience, and we all left feeling quite a bit more “one with the earth” and connected to the deeper purpose of MovNat.

What most people don’t know about Immersion, is that it’s way different than a MovNat certification or workshop. In fact, I’d say it’s the absolutely essential experience necessary to fully understand MovNat. A progression if you will – not just in “techniques” but in mindset, perception, and true adaptability.

Whereas a gym-based event is refined and sterile – perfect for those entering the practice – Immersion is the antidote for it. Immersion is that dose of “real” that’s missing in the pure educational and beginner-friendly formula. It’s the poetry of the idea that is MovNat and the source of the strength in the “Strong to be Helpful” ethos.

This year, our Immersion course will be led by myself and Kellen Milad – two veteran instructors, bubbling with passion, energy, and creativity in MovNat’s application. There’s a saying in the martial arts world that “a passionate purple belt can be a better teacher than a burnt-out black belt.”

Erwan, while certainly not burnt-out, is intelligent to pass the torch to his eager, creative instructors. He knows that more and more people are coming to the practice not just for themselves, but hungry to figure out how to translate the poetry of practice to others.

But here’s the thing: we need your help!

We’ve kept these events as affordable as possible because we want as many of our students to attend as possible. However, this means we need more signups to cover the cost of this all-inclusive event. With the spectacular venue surrounded by nature (not your average tourist destination), gourmet meals, and the other costs that go into this course – right now, we don’t have enough signups to run this event.

We need five more signups by April 30th, or we’ll have to cancel.

Since we know how powerful and transformative this course is, and since we want as many students as possible to experience it – we would be devastated to cancel our one and only 2019 Immersion course. So, here’s what we’re doing to do.

There are still some more spots available at the “early bird” discounted rate. However, if you’re a MovNat Certified Trainer or if you are the alumni of ANY MovNat event, we’ll allow you to take an additional $100 off the course tuition cost, if you sign up BEFORE April 30th. Please email [email protected] to claim your coupon code.

We’re also going to provide everyone who attends with a sweet new MovNat T-shirt and MovNat shorts – to sweeten the deal even more.

Note: If we only get 5 more signups, we’ll still lose money by running this course. But we’re willing to take that risk if it means we don’t have to cancel so more people can experience it.

Important Point: MovNat Immersion is a challenge – not a beat down. One of last year’s participants, Sherry Johnson, put it best: “I did not feel that I was pressured to perform above what I could handle, challenged yes, but pressured no. It put a spark in me to challenge myself more and come back stronger next year!” Another participant, Julie Beck, told us, “I literally needed something like this… and I would like to encourage women to challenge yourself! I did it! I’m five foot tall…and I’m over 50.”

Final Words

MovNat Immersion will change your life. It’ll be a total mind and sensory experience you’ll never forget. Imagine yourself trekking through wild terrain with your new friends, balancing on smooth river rock as you cross crystal clear rivers, eating locally sourced food, drinking pure spring water, relaxing/socializing in the warm glow of a bonfire in the evening, and sleeping in the cradle of nature’s symphony and splendor. You can’t complete this course and NOT be changed. You’ll leave not only stronger and more skilled, but more in touch with your true nature.

So, if you’d like to immerse yourself in Natural Movement, to learn and test your skills in a beautiful, natural environment, please don’t wait any longer to sign up for this Immersion Course. We’re looking for five people to make a decision ASAP. Will you be one of them?

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