The Natural Movement found in Video 10 of “From the Ground Up” is one that will change your perception of the world.

In our modern lives, a set of stairs are probably the most daunting obstacle we’re likely to encounter. Our paths are engineered for low resistance so we can focus on getting to and from our endevours as easily and mindlessly as possible.

But what if you chose to step off the beaten path? Without acquiring efficiency in the skill of vaulting, you’re likely to find yourself stumbling over even the smallest obstacles and wasting a ton of energy.

At MovNat, we believe in systematically developing the body’s ability to move through any environmental challenges effectively and efficiently.

Practice this Natural Movement – the Tripod Vault – and you’ll find yourself thinking about stepping outside the zoo and reclaiming what’s yours…naturally.

If you are a fitness professional and want to bring Natural Movement to your clients, MovNat Certifications will teach you all you need to know. Join the movement, get certified today.

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