What is MovNat®/Natural Movement® and what are the benefits?

It’s a question we get all the time.

Mostly likely you already know the spirit of MovNat® is reconnecting to our true nature through movement. But what exactly does a Natural Movement® based fitness system look like and what benefits does it have for the average person who may or may not be interested in moving through nature?

In this 12 part video series, “From the Ground Up” we shed some light on those questions by giving you a peek into some raw, unscripted coaching sessions with our performance director Danny Clark. We’re going to show you a nice sample of what our system looks like, how we approach the science and art of coaching complete beginners, and why practicing Natural Movement is for ANYONE who owns a human body.

Our first video opens with what we consider the foundation of MovNat: ground movement. Ignored by most over the age of five, find out why a cohesive practice of small ground movements is the next big thing in the fitness industry…

If you are a fitness professional and want to bring Natural Movement to your clients, MovNat Certifications will teach you all you need to know. Join the movement, get certified today.

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