Arguably, it’s the best all-in-one builder of skillful Natural Movement®.   In order to crawl efficiently you need to have all of the following in check:

  • Upper body strength and stamina.
  • “Core” and scapular stability.
  • Hip and shoulder mobility.
  • Coordination and awareness.
  • Conditioning.

But “crawling” isn’t just one movement-its a whole class of movements characterized by ground locomotion.

In part 2 of “From the Ground Up,” MovNat’s performance director Danny Clark coaches a total beginner through developing baseline technique and efficiency in two fundamental MovNat crawls. So, before we get all smooth and fancy later in the series, let’s get back to the basics of engineering masterful movement skills…

If you are a fitness professional and want to bring Natural Movement to your clients, MovNat Certifications will teach you all you need to know. Join the movement, get certified today.

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  3. Jhorman

    This is awesome. Do you guys teach this online? There aren’t coaches in my country (Colombia)

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  5. Ash

    Wow this simple explanation and breaking down the contralateral movement was very useful. Thanks !


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