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September 2015

24th-27th: Albuquerque, NM (Level 3) with ERWAN Le CORRE and VIC VERDIER

28th-29th: Albuquerque, NM (Combatives) with VIC VERDIER


October 2015

2nd-4th – Vancouver, BC – Canada (Level 1) with Craig Rice

5th-6th – Vancouver, BC – Canada (Level 2) with Craig Rice

2nd-4th: Washington, DC (Level 1) with Jeff Kuhland

5th-6th: Washington, DC (Level 2) with Jeff Kuhland

9th-11th: Bratislava, Slovakia (Level 1) with Jerome Rattoni

12th-13th: Bratislava, Slovakia (Level 2) with Jerome Rattoni

9th-11th: Johannesburg, South Africa (Level 1) with Cameron Pratto

12th-13th: Johannesburg, South Africa (Level 2) with Cameron Pratto

16th-18th – Seattle, WA (Level 1) with Craig Rice

19th-20th – Seattle, WA (Level 2) with Craig Rice

16th-18th: London, UK (Level 1) with Ben Medder

19th-20th: London, UK (Level 2) with Ben Medder

23rd-25th – Portland, OR (Level 1) with Craig Rice

26th-27th – Portland, OR (Level 2) with Craig Rice


November 2015

6th-8th: Houston, TX (Level 1) with Cameron Pratto

9th-10th: Houston, TX (Level 2) with Cameron Pratto

6th-8th: Nuremberg, Germany (Level 1) with Ben Medder

9th-10th: Nuremberg, Germany (Level 2) with Ben Medder

13th-15th: Durham, NC (Level 1) with Jeff Kuhland

16th-17th: Durham, NC (Level 2) with Jeff Kuhland

13th-15th – Boise, ID (Level 1) with Craig Rice

16th-17th – Boise, ID (Level 2) with Craig Rice

20th-22nd: Ljubljana, Slovenia (Level 1) with Jerome Rattoni

23rd-24th: Ljubljana, Slovenia (Level 2) with Jerome Rattoni


December 2015

4th-6th – San Francisco, CA (Level 1) with Craig Rice

7th-8th – San Francisco, CA (Level 2) with Craig Rice

4th-6th: Rome, Italy (Level 1) with Ben Medder

7th-8th: Rome, Italy (Level 2) with Ben Medder

11th-13th: Dubai, UAE (Level 1) with Jerome Rattoni

14th-15th: Dubai, UAE (Level 2) with Jerome Rattoni