By Danny Clark, MovNat Performance Director and Master Instructor

To be a “Force of Nature” is to express our innate power and move with the elemental forces of the natural world. Moving our minds and bodies naturally is a key part in us discovering how to draw upon the natural powers that exist inside ourselves and in nature. And with this force, we can more effectively navigate our life quests and grow from the fears and obstacles that challenge us along the way.

The practice of Natural Movement is about developing physical capability through performing movement patterns that are required to explore and effectively work with the world we are born into.  From getting up off the ground, to carrying our children, to climbing mountains, we express our power most efficiently and with adaptability when we are active participants in our movement journey. As we become more and more capable, we feel more confident in our power and are more easily able to open ourselves to grow into our truest potential. 

Through MovNat, we learn how to find and express our physical and mental power as well as begin to build a deeper relationship with nature. And it’s upon this quest of reconnecting to nature that we have the potential to discover who we truly are. With enough time and patience, we find the raw elemental forces that lie within us, and like a shining star they guide us toward acting upon the world in meaningful and beautiful ways.

By crawling and climbing upon the multi-formed Earth, we become strong like the oaks, powerful like the pumas, and durable like the mountains. 

By sitting and wading in water, we become clear and fluid, allowing our thoughts and actions to flow with love and wandering curiosity.

By running with and breathing in the intelligence of the air, we learn to listen to the invisible currents of feelings inside of ourselves, which lead us toward our wisest selves. 

By standing in the sun gazing at the colors of creation before us, we re-ignite a powerful fire burning within and begin actualizing each of our quests toward making the world a better, more beautiful place in our own way.

As we better tap into our inner power and the forces of the world around us, we ultimately become our own forces of nature; our own healers; our own heroes on a journey for the good of all, including ourselves. By opening up new ranges of motion, creating new movement goals, and expanding our awareness of nature we take small steps in breaking free of our self-defined containers and expand outward toward the possibilities. By becoming more capable, we are better able to be a burning source of power to support ourselves, our loved ones, and extend a hand to our communities, truly being strong to be helpful. 

When we become the Force of Nature that we truly are, we are free.

Are you ready to become a Force of Nature?

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