By Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder

Am I too old for Natural Movement? Did I miss the window of opportunity? Is MovNat only for young people? Asking oneself such questions is literally akin to asking yourself if you’re too old to move at all.

What is standing, if not Natural Movement? What is walking, if not Natural Movement? What is reaching and picking stuff up, if not Natural Movement? What is sitting, if not Natural Movement?

The fact is, you have been moving naturally your whole life. So, what might have been missing?

First off, variety, with a wide array of movement patterns, positional variations, and movement transitions that are missing from your day to day physical behavior.

Secondly, variability. Or, frequently switching from one movement or position to another, instead of lingering too long in either of them.

Thirdly, frequency. That is, ensuring a significant amount of episodes of movement behavior throughout the day – beyond simply standing and walking a few steps, and lasting a few seconds to a few minutes, and interspersed in your daily life as often as possible.

Finally, some intensity and complexity. Intensity is pushing the difficulty because of speed, weight, height and other variables that make movements harder from a conditioning standpoint. Complexity would be either the movement patterns you perform, or the complexity of the environment where you perform.

Look at this man. Is Bob “too old” for Natural Movement? Yeah, right! He’s balancing. It is challenging, yet enjoyable. It is enjoyable, yet challenging. It is challenging, yet safe.

He isn’t doing it randomly. He’s using the MovNat method.

He’s learned first to breathe abdominally and to control his breath in motion. He’s learned spinal alignment/posture in motion. He’s learned to ensure both tension and relaxation in motion. He’s learned the proper position, sequence and timing of this particular technique he’s using. He’s learned to be mindful with every minute movement he makes. He’s learned to seek continuous improvement even in the most minute ways he can. He’s re-learned the process of movement mastery. You can, too.

Never think you’re too old. That’s only true after your last breath. Until then, life is movement and movement is life.

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