Here at MovNat, we have high expectations for our students because we believe you can meet them.

We believe in your potential to be strong, healthy, happy, and free. We believe in your ability to move well – with strength, power, and grace – now and into old age. We believe that no matter where you’re starting from, you can get better if you start today.

We’ve seen it over and over again. People who thought they were too old, too weak, too fat, or too uncoordinated go on and do things that at one point, they could never have imagined themselves doing – and often much faster than they anticipated.

So, this year, we want to challenge you to set the bar high for your health, fitness, and movement goals.

With enough discipline, practice, and proper training, you can build exceptional levels of fitness, conditioning, and skill in a diverse number of activities. And you can begin to experience the many additional lifestyle benefits that natural movement fitness provides.

To get you heading in the right direction, here are seven “Strong to be Helpful” natural movement fitness goals you can pursue this year.

7 Natural Movement Fitness Goals
to get “Strong to be Helpful”

1) Hold a deep squat position comfortably for 10 minutes.

2) Walk in balance on a thick, rounded, and elevated beam without stepping down. (Suggestion: use an approximately 5 inches/12cm thick, 7 yards/meters long beam elevated 1 yard/meter or more.)

3) From a standing position, jump over a gap that is at least 2 yards/meters wide and 1 yard/meter high – landing smoothly, without being off balance, and recovering a standing stance.

4) Foot-hand crawl (aka “bear” crawl) a distance of 200 yards/meters without stopping or letting your technique degrade.

5) Run 5 miles (i.e. 8 km) on natural terrain in under 45 minutes.

6) Lift and carry an object as heavy as your own weight over 50 yards/meters, without putting it down.

7) Climb on top of a thick horizontal bar starting from a dead hang position (e.g. minimum of 5 inches/12cm thick).

For some students, these represent extremely ambitious goals. For others, they may be a walk in the park. And that’s how it should be. Humans are unique in our ability to acquire and maintain a high level of physical competence in a broad array of activities. And we believe these are attainable goals for most people.

So, don’t doubt yourself. You can do this!

Final Thoughts

We are raising the bar for ourselves this year, and we invite you to do the same. Because you can. Because it’s worth it. Because you’re worth it. And because you deserve the very best.

Remember, you are capable of more than you can imagine.

So, will you join us and embrace your innate potential this year? Will you set big goals and work hard to achieve them? Will you attempt things that you once thought were impossible?

Whatever you decide, we’re here to support your journey of exploring your true nature.

Note: Our events are filling up and selling out faster than ever. And with all we have planned for this year, it’s looking like this trend is going to continue. So, if you’d like to deepen your movement practice and upgrade your “real world fitness” skills, commit to a MovNat certification or workshop today!