By Craig Rice, MovNat Team Instructor

Want to learn how to crawl while balancing…without breaking any bones?

Here’s a beginner-level MovNat progression to take you from the most basic crawling variations on the ground all the way up to the difficult hand and foot crawl while balancing.

Here are the 7 crawling progressions:

Step 1: Control and balance on hands and knees

Step 2: Hand Knee Crawl

Step 3: Control and Balance on Hands and Feet

Step 4: Foot Hand Crawl

Step 5: Foot Hand Crawl with Hip Control

Step 6: Narrow Foot Hand Crawl

Step 7: Balancing Foot Hand Crawl

MovNat Progressions are a great way to scale any movement to both your skill and conditioning level. They serve as stepping stones to work up to the more advanced skills. As you can see, each progression leads seamlessly into the next, and mastering one level makes the next skill much easier to acquire.

If you put in the time on the more rudimentary progressions, it will pay off later as you begin to explore the more advanced movement skills.

With practice, you’ll will learn that certain movements which may have seemed totally impossible before, are now only a few steps away.


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