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15% OFF MovNat Level 1 & 2 Certifications

36% TOTAL SAVINGS on Level 1+2 combined Certifications!

The MovNat Certification Event is a truly life-changing experience where you will dive into the philosophy, practice, and principles of MovNat.

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Level 3 is our master level course for the most committed and passionate Natural Movement students. (*Must be a Level 2 certified trainer to attend)

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Enjoy a multiple-day immersive Natural Movement Experience in BEAUTIFUL Sardinia, Italy!

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15% OFF MovNat – Natural Ground Movement Workshop

If your mind wants Adventure, but your body isn’t ready, Natural Ground Movement is your gateway.

This workshop provides the first and only Fitness, Rehabilitation & Prevention method that is backed by nature, biology and evolution.

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15% OFF ALL MovNat E-Courses & E-Course Bundles

MovNat E-Courses are an excellent way to learn and practice Natural Movement at your own pace, on your own schedule, and from the comfort of your own home.

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Use coupon code: NatureMoves to save 15% on MovNat Events and MovNat E-Courses!

Certification Events

Level 1 Certification $1,350 $1,147.50

Level 2 Certification $1,250 $1,062.50

Level 1 + 2 Certification Bundle $1,950 $1,657.50 (BEST DEAL)

Level 3 Certification $1,550 $1,317.50


Foundations Retreat – Sardinia, Italy $1,050 $892.50


2-Day Ground Movement Workshop – Berlin – $750 $637.50


MovNat Level 1 Fundamentals E-Course – $399 $339.15

MovNat Level Up E-Course$299 $254.15

MovNat Mobility E-Course – $200 $170

MovNat Mobility Advanced E-Course – $125 $106.25

MovNat Metabolic Conditioning E-Course – $150 $127.50

Natural Movement Fundamentals E-Course$250 $212.50

E-Course Bundles(Biggest Savings!)

MovNat E-Course Starter Bundle$525 $446.25 (30% total savings!)

MovNat Mobility Bundle$275 $233.75 (33% total savings!)

MovNat Level Up Bundle$595 $505.75 (30% total savings!)

MovNat Core Curriculum Bundle$900 $765 (48% total savings!)

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Level 1 & 2 Certifications in North America

Portland, ORL1 CertL2 Cert

Toronto, ON, Canada – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

Victoria, BC, Canada – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

Denver, CO – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

Asheville, NC – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

Warwick, RI – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

Level 1 & 2 Certifications in Europe

Vienna, AustriaL1 CertL2 Cert

Gothenburg, Sweden – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

London, England – L1 Cert – L2 Cert (L2 is SOLD OUT)

Berlin, Germany – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

Biarritz, France – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

Ghent, Belgium – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

Level 1 & 2 Certifications Around the World

São Paulo, Brazil – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

Nairobi, Kenya – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

Johannesburg, South Africa – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

Brisbane, Australia – L1 Cert – L2 Cert

Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaL1 CertL2 Cert

Level 3 Certifications Around the World

Level 3 – Vienna, Austria – L3 Cert 

Level 3 – Denver, CO, USA – L3 Cert

Level 3 – Melbourne, Australia – L3 Cert

Workshops & Retreats Around the World

Natural Ground Movement WorkshopBerlin, Germany

Foundations RetreatSardinia, Italy

MovNat Success Stories


“I thank MovNat for bringing joy back into “exercise” and for helping me work on my functional mobility…I look for fun opportunities to channel my inner kid again! Jumping onto and off of rocks, balancing on curbs and fallen trees, even doing the occasional cartwheel, has me smiling while I move my body the way nature intended all along.” – Heidi


“I’m a captain with the Houston Fire Department and like the natural world, the emergency environment is extremely unpredictable. There was a time long ago when I had to talk myself into “working out”…especially when leg day rolled around. Movnat has completely revolutionized how I viewed human movement and fitness.” – Doug


“My hips, ankles and feet are much stronger and more mobile. I used to have such tight calves and stiff ankles and MovNat improved them much more than 20 plus years of yoga did. Through MovNat, I discovered that increasing strength improves joint mobility much better than stretching does.” – Lori


“MovNat has been the key to regaining mobility, overcoming old injuries and exceeding previous plateaus. Having everything broken down into the smallest movements and then adding layer after layer of complexity has allowed me to far exceed my original goals of just being able to sleep and move comfortably.” – Monte


“MovNat was really helpful when I was training for obstacle course racing. I think I really surprised people how well I could move at my age/weight. The natural movements have also come in use in daily life, like helping to remove a fallen tree after a storm.” – Lauren


“MovNat has allowed me to keep progressing after being in a long plateau. I came in to the MovNat method with body awareness, but lots of rigidity and joint limitations that were not advancing. MovNat introduced elements in my training that have led to accomplishing goals like my first pull up after more than 1 year of working towards that goal. ” – Lourdes


“My body looks better. I am more capable performing basic human movements. It is more fun to do physical labor and physical play. MovNat is more motivating because of the variety of practical movements with less equipment needed.” – Bryan