Recently, MovNat joined the Vivobarefoot Health Broadcast to share some easy ways to take care of your feet with Natural Movement®. If you’d like stronger, healthier feet that serve you well for a lifetime, this routine will teach you some of the best natural movements for the job.

Your instructor, MovNat Performance Director Danny Clark, focuses on ground movements and balancing, among other natural movements you can easily integrate into your lifestyle to mobilize and strengthen your feet.

Please follow along and practice the movements as you watch!

12 Natural Movements for Strong, Healthy Feet

  1. Tall Kneel to Kneel (8 reps with bolster) OR Kneel with Backward Reach (4 reps per side without bolster).
  2. Tall Kneel to Flexed Foot Kneel (8 reps with bolster) OR Flexed Foot Kneel to Backward Reach (4 reps per side without bolster)
  3. Kneel to Deep Half Kneel to Forward Reach (4 reps per side with or without bolsters)
  4. Flexed Foot Kneel to Deep Knee Bend to Standing (8 reps with or without bolsters)
  5. Single Leg Balancing (1 minute per side)
  6. Forward & Backward Balanced Walk (1 minute)
  7. Balanced Side Shuffle (1 minute)
  8. Balanced Split Squat Walk (1 minute)
  9. Cross Squat Get Up (8 reps with or without bolsters)
  10. Foot Hand Crawl (30 seconds)
  11. Jump Landings (8 reps)
  12. Deep Knee Bend Walk – multidirectional or balanced (1 minute on or off a 2×4 beam)

Build your movement from the ground up with this
4-week foundation for better mobility

It’s a game-changer the minute you realize you can build strength and mobility using simple, practical movements can be integrated into everyday life. If you’re new to Natural Movement® or want to slow down and go deep into the basics, check out our MovNat Mobility course, which will give your body the freedom to move well for a lifetime.